Parenting today is more challenging than ever!  Children's activities, family commitments, and schoolwork make managing schedules a true challenge.  This page is intended to give parents access to some information that may be of interest to them and help with issues faced by parents everywhere.
Are you already thinking about your son/daughter's post secondary education?  On a regular basis, we hear reports of how college and technical school tuition continues to increase at astounding rates.  Projections of what tuition will be when current elementary school students enter college or trade/technical schools can put us into "sticker shock."  To begin to address this issue, many parents are planning and investing while their son/daughter is in elementary school.  For more information on planning for post-secondary education, please feel free to visit the following websites: 
    This is information on the PA Tuition Account Program.
For parents, doing homework with your child is an important part of your afterschool activities.  As a child progresses through the elementary grades, they will need to develop additional study skills.  Establishing these good habits early is beneficial for your child.  The following are some suggestions for parents when helping their child with homework:
1.  Set a specific time for homework to be completed.
2.  Provide a well-lighted, quiet area in which to work.
3.  Keep assignments organized in folders/backpacks.
4.  Check your child's work and provide assistance when needed.
5.  Plan ahead for large projects and do a portion of the project nightly rather than "cramming" all of the work into the night before the assignment is due.
6.  Maintain contact with the teacher.
The Pennsylvania Cable Network (PCN) provides a service called Homework Help on Sunday's from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. during the school year.
For additional information on study skills, you can visit the following website:
  This is information regarding study skills.
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