Family Fun Corner
Spending time together is an important part of family life.  Both children and adults enjoy using computers and exploring sites on the internet.  The following are a few websites that parents and children can explore together.  There is something for everyone!
Do you remember the smell of a brand new box of crayons?  Whether it was a basic "eight pack" or the giant box of 64, complete with sharpener, it was always exciting to get new crayons.  Many children (and adults!) enjoy coloring.  Take some time and visit the Crayola website at:
  This is information on Crayola Crayons.
The Crayola Crayons site has fun activities for children which include an activity book, card creator, and games.  For parents, there is much useful information including tips on "creative parenting" and ideas for raising "creative kids."  Also, there are fun family activities.  Whether you are young, or young at heart, this site has something  for everyone.
Reading is an important activity for both children and adults.  Spending time reading as a family can create wonderful memories and begin a tradition that your children will be likely to continue. With summer vacation just around the corner, encourage your child to spend some of their free time with a good book.   The following website has information on reading and fun activities for the entire family.
  This site has information on the Scholastic Book Company.
Last Modified on September 8, 2004